Sushi Classes

Master Sushi Rolling Class

Join Executive Sushi Chef Koichi Aoyama for an intimate sushi class at Teikoku Restaurant. Chef Koichi, along with his team, will give you one-on-one pointers on rolling your own sushi, the Japanese culture of eating sushi with style and what tools you’ll need to be a successful sushi party host at home. Enjoy a handroll sushi party dinner with Chef after all of your hard work! 

This exclusive class will only take up to 8 guests so please email to hold your reservation.  $60/person, traditional sushi rolling kit & class booklet included. 

Upcoming Event Dates: Sunday, March 4th | Sunday, April 8th | Sunday, May 6th 5-7pm 

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Sushi is Art, People and Tradition
ART | Japanese cooking is inextricably meshed with aesthetics. It is an art form designed to showcase the natural beauty of the ingredients.
 PEOPLE | There are so many people behind getting a sushi dish to the table. From the fishermen to the chef, it is a combined effort that connects people and the world together. 
TRADITION | Sushi brings memories of my childhood. I'll show you how to pass on this great tradition to your family! There is so much beauty in what I do and I'm honored to get to share it! Let's have a good time and get started!

- Koichi Aoyama, Executive Sushi Chef

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